Friday, 6 June 2014

Tiny Activist

My friend described my eldest as her "Favourite Little Activist" recently which was very lovely!  It is true that she is dragged out on a fair few marches and protests and probably would rather not be there often enough but we try to explain why we do these things and when she's older maybe she'll be pleased that she did.  Anyway, I decided to put together a post about what my little activist has done!

Occupy London, Autumn 2011

She went to this with just her Dad but apparently really enjoyed it, probably because it didn't involve any marching and there was lots to see!  Also produced one of my favourite photos of her at a protest....
Love this one!  Many Small People.

Welcome to Occupy

Occupy London set up camp outside St Paul's cathedral to protest against the lack of affordable housing in the UK, social injustice and corporate greed.  They were there from October 2011 til June 2012.

Public Sector Strike, November 2011

This one was with both of us, I carried her much of the way and she was getting a little heavy by this point!

Sleeping through Ken Livingstone's speech.

Found this on Flickr, the woman who took it called it "United" which I thought was rather sweet!

This march was for the TUC's general strike protesting against pension changes for public sector workers.  Great atmosphere as far as I can remember.

Anti Austerity March, October 2012

This was a great march, we hung out with the Unison crowd from Meanderingfather's work.  Didn't stay for Ed Miliband's speech though, went to the pub with the union lot.  I was around 3 months pregnant with Lauren and this march was also the last time I carried Jess in the sling.  She ate an apple and went to sleep snuggled up on my back.  A small detail I will always remember.

Train home with her beloved NO CUTS sign.

The anti austerity march was protesting against the governments stringent austerity measures.

Save Lewisham Hospital march, November 2012 

15,000 people marched through Lewisham and finished in Ladywell fields outside the hospital.  Fantastic and huge community event despite the rain.  I remember one of the train drivers tooting as they went past on their way to Ladywell station.  Don't think I got any photos, probably because the weather was so horrible!  Met up with my brother and sister in law so escaped from the weather to their house afterwards.

The save Lewisham hospital campaign was set up after the Health Minister Jeremy Hunt decided in his infinite wisdom to shut down some essential parts of Lewisham hospital to help neighbouring trusts who were failing.  It would have set a dangerous precedent with regards to the government being able to shut down any hospital they felt like.  At the time of writing the hospital was generally winning and more info can be found here.

Save Lewisham Hospital march, January 2013

Another nice local march, saw some of our new friends and really felt like part of the community, however I was quite heavily pregnant with sore hips so was struggling towards the end.

 For some reason not a huge fan of being carried on shoulders at this point!

Gay Pride, 2013 

This was one I took Jess and Lauren (newest little activist) to with my work colleagues from 56 Dean St, it was a great place to work and felt a bit like I was part of the vibrant gay community in Soho.  Jess really enjoyed this one, lots of people were dressed up and she had a blast messing around with my friends from work.  Lauren was only a few months old and tucked up in the sling.  We were filmed by ITV news where I came out with the totally hackneyed phrase "it's a great family event", would have been nice to say something more original!  Lovely sunny day and we went for drinks in the big purple cow on South Bank afterwards.

The banner and being carried by the indomitable Jenna.

Know your status!!

Very taken with the feather boa.

Gay pride is held every year to celebrate the gay community.  It has a rich history which you can read about here.

RCN What if....? Campaign, June 2014

Gathering outside Lewisham hospital as part of nationwide protests.  Slightly disappointing as not many people turned up but at least it was a nice sunny day and the girls seemed to enjoy it!  Followed by going round to a friends house to enjoy the sun in their beautiful garden.

Newest activist props herself up.

"My Mum deserves a payrise"

Tasty unison sign.

This protest was part of a nationwide event protesting the governments decision not to award a recommended 1% across the board payrise for NHS nursing staff.

So there they are!  Hopefully many more to come for both of my girls.

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