Thursday, 25 October 2012

Little Girl is Growing Up!

Lets get this straight, she's still very little but it occurs to me that her third birthday is looming and I haven't blogged about her in a while!

The last three years have certainly flown by, I continually find myself gobsmacked that I am a mother to a very chatty inquisitive being who has a brain like a sponge.  The things she remembers astonish me and the way she reflects my personality back at me regularly makes me cringe!  She makes her toys talk to each other now and a few nights ago Captain Barnacles earnestly told Paso he was being a pain in the bum.  Ouch.

She also has a definite personality that is asserting itself and it is nothing like what I imagined it would be.  I had assumed that any daughter of mine would eschew the girly, run around in jeans, embrace mud and generally be a bit of a tomboy.  Instead I have been told that I should wear make up because it's really good (only something Meanderinggranny has said to me before), I have regular rows about whether or not she's going to wear a dress or jeans, or even whether the dress I want her to wear is acceptable.  I sometimes think the only one that is acceptable is the one with fairy wings on the back.  She can be incredibly stubborn too and on a daily basis will employ the tactic of completely ignoring us so she won't have to do what we want her to.  It's infuriating beyond belief and to my shame I have less patience with these things than I'd hoped.  Amazingly she's overwhelmingly forgiving of my outbursts and I know I'm living on borrowed time with this, it'll be all too soon before she starts thinking I'm unreasonable and holding grudges.  Probably quite rightly too.

In april next year there will be another meanderingbaby on the scene.  I'm feeling apprehensive about going through the whole thing again but mostly I'm worried that it'll drive a wedge between my daughter and I.  She seems very aware of what is going on and broke the news to her nursery for us which suggests she's excited about it.  Since she found out she's really started mothering some of her soft toys and regularly brings me her tiger to tell me "my baby is crying" or "my baby is tired".  Admittedly she usually then slings him halfway accross the room but I'm choosing to ignore that bit...

Anyway I will try to blog more about how we all get on as we expand as a family, watch this space!

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