Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Evening Standard's Dispossessed Fund

I fear this blog may be about to make a comeback as a place for me to vent my irritations in more than 140 characters but I'll try to throw in some parenting posts as well!

This one is triggered by noticing an Evening Standard front page while on my way home today. I normally don't touch the Standard as I have a huge issue with the way its vile messages are handed out for free and seem to be absorbed without question by a large number of London's commuters. I don't even blame the commuters really, the paper is just there alongside the morning's Metro and they're so insiduous and easy to pick up and read without questioning the message within.

Anyway, I note that the Evening Standard is giving away £1.25 million to charity as part of their ongoing Dispossessed Fund. Very commendable, although I daresay they can easily afford it. My big problem were their three big quotes on the front page:

Prince William "I consider the Evening Standard's exposure of hidden poverty a call to arms for us all. This is a great city. However, the plight of the dispossessed in its many forms tarnishes it"

David Cameron "The Dispossessed Campaign has stirred London's conscience and will have a big impact in helping people climb their way out of poverty"

Boris Johnson "I am grateful to the Evening Standard for again highlighting the poverty and deprivation that shame this city while giving every Londoner the chance to help remedy the situation"

Um... excuse me?

Dearest Wills, once your family of scrounging throwbacks start supporting yourselves then you can have a say on poverty. Until then keep your mouth shut, you embarrass yourself.

David, Dave, Davey boy. You could single handedly have a much bigger impact on helping people out of poverty if you stopped destroying the job market, the welfare system and everything else that makes this country a great place to be. You are forcing huge numbers of individuals, families and children into poverty which they will have no chance to climb out of. Is your conscience not stirred? Oh, I forgot, you never had one.

And darling, bumbling, lovable Boris. You twat. You should be ashamed of what you have done to London and your role in helping keep people in poverty and deprivation.

Glad I got that off my chest.


  1. Brilliant!! What a bunch of useless idiots. The Royal Family tarnish far more. What a creep.

  2. 'Lol' actually sums up my response pretty well!

  3. Great blog, I love your intuitive insights into parenting......

  4. I may try to pop one out for her birthday on sunday which will be slightly more on topic.

  5. Just to say, after a conversation with Meanderinggranny who has slightly different views on life, I don't actually have anything against William as a person, I'm sure he's a very nice chap and of course, it's not his fault that he is in the position he is. In addition to which I am aware that he does many good works and lots of charity stuff which must be applauded. My issue remains with the royal family as a whole and their continuing drain on the countries resources. And being born into a privilaged position doesn't actually mean your opinions should be taken into account, unfortunatly because every public thing members of the royal family do is so orchastrated we don't actually know if he does have anything really worth saying.