Saturday, 22 January 2011

Day Out In East London

We had a lovely family day out today in east London which for some reason I felt the need to share!

Went first to Hackney City Farm, which wasn't that great to be honest but maybe we'll go back in baby animal season and see if it's any better!

Sleepy donkey in a field a long way away.

Huge pig

Then we went to the museum of childhood which was great fun, Jess actually slept half way round but once she woke up seemed to really enjoy it!
Sooty and Sweep with a Dogtanian puppet in the background, she's actually eyeing up the Care Bears which are out of shot (her mother's daughter!)

With some weird Japanese puppets, they were a bit scary actually....

And finally showing off my / Jess' new sling. Didymos hemp size 6 (if that means any thing to you) and dyed to my specification by the very talented Ola at Turquoise Fields. It's inspired by my distant memories of caribbean beaches and Ola named it Anegada which is very fitting. I love it, the colours make me smile so much and it's such a cushy and supportive wrap for my growing girl. I now have all the wraps I will ever need (I may have said that before but this time I think I mean it!) but I suspect none of the rest will get a look in for a while!

So all in all we had a lovely day, bit overcast but hey ho.

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