Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Potato, carrot and cheese cakes.

These are yummy and great food for baby led weaning. Or as finger foods if you're not BLW. I have to be honest and say Jess didn't get too many of the first batch but I had to make sure they were ok!

Boil up some carrots and potatoes, when soft drain and mash them, add grated cheese and mix in well, then mix in flour until the mixture is the right consistancy to roll into little balls and hold together.

Roll into little balls and fry in a little olive oil squishing them down in the pan to make discs.

Obviously you can add pretty much anything to these, I'm going to try them with parsnip next time! They are also good cold and can be heated up in a dry frying pan if you want them hot again later.

I do need to credit my beloved domestic goddess of a sister for this one, she's really rather good!

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  1. yipee - thats tea for Millie decided then - thank you!