Thursday, 5 August 2010

It's all go!

So, it's been a busy week in Jessie Land!

In the space of 24 hours over the weekend she learnt to sit up and cut her first tooth. Bizarre how nothing happens for ages then it all comes at once. Insert your own hackneyed phrase about London buses here.

Very first time Jess sat up

Seems to be dealing very well with the tooth. Have had a few teething powders but no calpol as yet and she's only felt the need to nibble while feeding once or twice and it's only been a nibble. I'm waiting for the first clamp down! It's like a new toy for me, I keep sticking my finger in her mouth to feel it there and I got very excited about getting her a little toothbrush and cleaning it for the first time! In true Stoke Newington fashion I got a wooden one from Born, slightly unnecessary but there you go.

Eating tissue paper.

The sitting up seems to have given her new confidence and strength. Bathtimes have become a lot of fun as she attempts to flood the bathroom with her kicking and she can sit up in the bath now and play with a little plastic cup. I say play with it, what she's actually doing is attempting to drink the bathwater but that's baby led weaning for you.

I also brought her a blow up doughnut thing that she can sit in and play. It's blatantly a padded pen type thing to keep your child out of trouble but she very quickly worked out how to catapult herself over the side so that's backfired somewhat. Quite fun watching her do it though!

We've also got her second (and last for a good long time) Wee Notion nappy. This one was a present from her Great Grandmother who was enamoured with the last one but made the stipulation that I got one that's more girly this time. I think this one fits the bill!


The whiff problem with the nappies is now, I hope, under control! They have had a fabulous strip and I try not to use the PUL nappies at night. PUL being the waterproofing that is fantastic but means they are not very breathable. She now has (and I can take no credit for this at all, it was all meanderingauntie's idea) tot bots nappies to wear at night that have a lanolised wool soaker over the top. Amazingly, even though the tots bots aren't water proof, the wool soaker keeps her dry. Magic!

And modelling a wool soaker over a tots bot.

As she is sleeping through this system is far healthier to wear for 12 hours than the PUL wraps which don't let her bottom breath and don't let themselves breath which is probably one of the reasons they smelt in the first place!

So Meanderingmother's super strip!

- Soak all the nappies, wipes, liners etc APART FROM ANYTHING WITH PUL in the bath with water and white vinegar. I use three large bottles of sarsons white vinegar and enough water to cover everything. Leave overnight.
- Put in washing machine and rinse.
- Add all PUL to wash and give a nice squirt of fairy liquid (not ecover, it has to be abrasive).
- Wash on a 60 wash.
- Continue to do 40 washes, rinses until all the bubbles have gone and the nappies smell of nothing (can take a while).
- If possible hang out in the sun- really does remove all stains!

And when I wash them I do a cold rinse first then wash them at 60 with ecoballs and soda crystals. So far so good. Fingers crossed!

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