Friday, 16 July 2010

Wee Notions. If you've had enough of nappies look away now.

Jess modelling her new nappy.

Anyway, the height of nappy fashion has arrived! Designed by me, worn by Jess and it is gorgeous.

The outside is the great skull picture on lagoon minkee gelato fabric and the inside is raspberry slush minkee gelato fabric. It's really nice and soft and great quality. Wee Notions is a small family run business who make by hand every nappy that's ordered which makes me feel all happy inside. If anyone doesn't know what to get as a present for new parents these make great gifts, I reckon that even if someone's not doing cloth nappies one of these would still hit the mark (and might persuade them to use cloth which is all good!).

Anyway, for my readers who are fb friends, I apologise for deluging you with photos, I'll stop now!

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